Fear is an Illusion

I have been a speaker for the majority of my career. Mostly what I have spoken about has had to do with business, technology, accounting and finance topics. This year I decided to stretch myself by not only writing a book that incorporates my work-life personal stories, but putting myself out there on a TEDx stage to talk about what I have learned on this journey. Little did I know that there was fear inside me to do this.

Through this process I have grown. Not only did I learn a completely new speaking technique, but I got up on stage in front of hundreds of people to share my personal journey. I had no idea what a hurdle that was going to be for me. For the most part, I am not usually very nervous before speaking because I have done it so many times. This one I questioned though- would my story matter to anyone? Would people resonate with the message or think it was silly? How will I feel on stage doing it? Don't get me wrong, I was excited, but definitely felt afraid for the first time in a long time.

What I have learned through this process, and in my yoga practice, is fear is mostly an illusion. We worry about things that may happen, but there is no reason to believe that they will. It is a protection strategy we have innately that may prevent us from taking the steps we need in our life or business to try something new, put ourselves out there and take a risk. Not all risks pan out - but for the ones that do, they are often worth the journey. Overcoming our illusion of fear allows us to give whatever it is that we are holding back and to learn to enjoy the experience.

I am very excited that the TEDx Talk has now launched-- watch it below.

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You can also read more about what I learned in the process of preparing for TEDx below.


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