• Amy is a sought-after keynote speaker and leads programs based on your organization's goals and needs. Programs can be presented as a one-hour keynote, moderated as a panel discussion, delivered in a webinar format or live, or create a multi-topic program that can be a half to a full-day workshop or a series. Examples of programs she delivers are below or a series can be created from a combination of these topics.

    To complement most of her programs, Amy offers two companion books that she has authored:


  • Creating Work-Life Harmony

    Is it getting harder to find success in your business? Or has your work become mechanical or routine? Amy Vetter, an accomplished business executive, serial entrepreneur, CPA, and yoga practitioner, will show you how to rekindle or discover the spark you desire for your career and business. In this talk, Amy will provide listeners with heartfelt insights and actionable tips, backed by scientific research, on how to discover and align their authentic selves and inner talents with the work they do. Attendees will come away with the tools and inspiration to: create their own sense of work-life harmony, discover their inner talents and passions, find their physical and creative outlets, and build prosperous business relationships.

    Disconnect to Connect - How to Be More Present & Productive

    Ever been around someone at work who gives you their undivided attention without glancing at their phone multiple times while you’re talking? It’s rare nowadays, but when it happens you often feel heard and leave the meeting knowing clearly what you need to do next without a multitude of follow-up emails. In this talk, Amy will share inspiring stories and easy-to-implement tools on how to regularly disconnect from technology to connect more deeply with people. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how workplace distractions and multitasking limit their productivity. They will learn how to put tools such as meditation and mindfulness into practice to be more present. At the same time, they will gain insight on how to harness their natural energy levels during the day to get more done.

    Why More “Me Time” = More Productive You

    Is your life so busy that you rarely prioritize time for yourself or feel guilty when you do? You’re not alone as many Americans struggle to meet the many demands of work, family, and life. Yet, giving yourself quality time beyond work and family is often an essential ingredient to living a more productive and overall happy life. In this session, Amy will explore why it’s key to reallocate more “me time” in your busy schedule whether it be gardening, playing music, running, writing poetry or coloring. She’ll help you discover your creative outlets and provide actionable tools on how to create more “me-time” in your schedule. Amy will also discuss scientific research that shows how doing creative activities outside of work can help improve your cognitive skills in business such as critical analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of why creating more “me-time” in their lives is good for the brain and helps their brain focus. They will also discover new hobbies and creative outlets, and learn actionable tips and tools on how to make “me-time” an ongoing priority in their lives.


  • The Power of Women’s Networks

    Having a supportive network of women in your career can be one of the most important ingredients to your success. Like many young women, Amy believed that she would have the same opportunities as men in the workplace, but as she moved up the corporate ladder, she noticed more and more women were not there beside her. Over time, Amy started noticing trends in how men succeed that are very different from how women are in the workplace. During this session, Amy will share research and lessons learned from her own experience, and that of women she admires, on how to grow and learn at any stage of your career to achieve your goals. No matter if you’re advanced in your career or just starting out, you will learn why it’s important for women to bring each other along on their professional journeys, and how to be more mindful in supporting and aligning with women who inspire you. In particular, you will gain actionable insights on how to create and nurture a supportive women’s network, the importance of managing up and down, and the power of finding or being a sponsor, not just a mentor.

    Technology as the Glass Ceiling Equalizer

    Mastering cloud technology can help women stand out from the crowd. This course will cover how technology creates opportunity and a competitive advantage, help you understand the services prospective clients are looking for and the technologies that can support their requests. We will explore women’s history in the profession, the current landscape and trends of the future and how to earn success through alternative journeys to leadership. In this session, we will discuss how to make the hard decisions and manage your happiness and learn how to follow your passion and create your destiny and take advantage of new opportunities in the profession. By taking advantage of the changing landscape and becoming an early adopter and thought leader you will learn how to target new customers and opportunities.


    (For Accountants, Bookkeepers and Financial Advisors)

  • The Cherished Advisor

    As accounting professionals, we strive to improve our clients’ businesses with the financial information we provide to them. Yet, many of us still spend the majority of our time entering data and crunching numbers and not helping our clients improve their businesses at a holistic level. With cloud technology, much of the traditional data entry tasks of accounting professionals and bookkeepers will be reduced. This is due to rapid technological innovation in which businesses will increasingly deploy high-integrity cloud-based systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. However, the human side of the experience can never be replaced by technology, only enhanced. Accounting professionals have an opportunity to learn the skills to become Cherished Advisors by creating an ongoing proactive, value-added relationship with their clients throughout the year. As a result, they become a strategic partner that the business appreciates and highly values and cherishes. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the mindset and services they need to offer to become a Cherished Advisor. This includes how to: create real value for their business owner clients by analyzing financial data to make informed business decisions; become an integral part of the real-time decision-making process, in a proactive, rather than reactive way; and, understand both the operational and financial sides of the business.

    Looking into the Crystal Ball: Modern Succession Planning for Your Firm

    How do we create the next generation of leaders given the lack of interest in a traditional path to partnership? Join Amy Vetter as she discusses succession planning and the imminent challenges in a rapidly changing workforce. The future growth of firm leadership will depend on using technology to create new staffing and change management models that encourage team collaboration, mentorship and growth. Attendees will learn the current and future trends within a rapidly changing workforce. They will learn how to use technology to develop new staffing strategies to eliminate non-linear paths to partnership. Additionally, they will gain change management strategies to create a firm that is going to last so that you can eventually retire or sell their practice.

    Beyond Accounting: The technology, the process, and the practice

    Technology has changed the way business owners work with and manage their financials. To help, accountants must now launch into a new side of their profession – that of a technologist. This session will explore ways to stay ahead of the game and become digitally savvy connected advisers. Attendees will walk away with an understanding on how to shift away from time-based billing to value-based billing; move from being an accountant to a valued adviser; recognize that automation will help you grow your practice, and embrace technology.This discussion dives into a few select technologies that truly benefit firms. You’ll also learn how to address workflow, staffing and other processes to successfully integrate technology into your practice … all designed to help you go beyond accounting.

    Treating Your Firm Like One of Your Clients

    It’s important for practices to take the same kind advice they would give to their own customers. Take time out to focus on your marketing strategy, but first, figure out who you are as a business and what type of customers you want. Why do you do what you do? After you answered that question, it’s then time to take some calculated risks that will help you stay ahead of your competitors.


  • Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Just Coming - It's Already Here! Are You Ready?

    Recognize how you already use machine learning every day and how AI will fundamentally change how you interact with your clients. Examine what block chains might mean for the way we store and share sensitive data. Understand why today's multi-tenanted relational databases and the availability of platform services put advanced AI within reach of everyone.

    The Future of Work

    How technology and innovation change the way we work, how we learn, interact and collaborate. With cloud and remote technologies, learn new ways to engage talent and structure technology so your team remains on a career path from wherever they work and is evaluated based on effort versus the traditional in office "face time" (now FaceTime).

    Engaged Learning as a Sales Tool

    Training has come a long way from reading PowerPoint presentations word for word to teach a concept. Today's learning is right-sized to your audience, with ways to engage and tell a story and can be delivered in multiple different ways depending on the learner. You will learn strategies on how to build out content to educate rather than sell to specific to each customer journey.


  • Being great at what you do does not equal being a great business owner

    You’re passionate about what you do and that’s why you started your own business. You’re not alone. Many professionals stumble into starting their own business because of what they love to do and not their business acumen. But without understanding the basics of what’s required to start and run your own business, it’s easy to fail. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, nearly half of all small businesses in the U.S. fail within their first five years of operation. Amy Vetter, a CPA, accomplished serial entrepreneur, and small business coach, will share actionable insights backed by her own personal stories. Attendees learn what’s most important to focus on in their business so they can succeed and spend more time on the parts of the business they love.

    Effective Business Planning

    As entrepreneurs, it’s often hard to take time away from your business and strategically plan for your future. To remain competitive, it’s imperative to take the appropriate time away and step back and understand where you want to take the business next. Business is always in a flux of change, planning will give you a leg up on your competition to ensure you stay on top of the trends. You will learn the steps to take when creating a business plan so you remain a success today and in the future.

    Understanding the numbers behind Accounting

    You are an expert in what you do, but when it comes to accounting you may feel like you are in the dark. You are not alone! Most business owners don’t understand their financial statements which leave them feeling that they are not in control of their business. During this seminar, you will learn the basics of accounting so that you can practice your new skills when you leave to get a better handle on managing your cash and profits! In this course you will learn basic accounting terminology, understand what accounting reports are telling you about the performance of your business and how it can be possible to make a profit but not have cash, interact with financial terminology to be sure to leave with a clearer picture of what you are talking about! Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to read a balance sheet and income statement. We will be doing an interactive exercise that will leave them laughing, but remembering how to better classify the transactions flowing through their business, as well as knowing the difference between cash and profit.

    Empowering decision making utilizing budgeting and reporting tools

    With fierce competition & limited resources as a small business owner, we continuously have to do more with less. We have difficulty managing our cash flow and staying profitable. Managing your financial situation can be one of the biggest challenges facing you in running a business. In this course, you will understand the difference between accounting and finances, create your financial intention - how to achieve your vision/goals, how to finance capital expenditures, how to finance a cash gap and monitor performance Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to manage their finances and monitor their performance utilizing key ratios and financial statement analysis. This seminar will also allow them to learn how to evaluate how to finance and plan for capital expenditures and ensure they do not have cash shortfall while trying to grow or expand.


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