Unlocking Your Creativity Takes Discipline

Whether I’m painting, writing, or playing a new song on the guitar, I’ve always found peace and solace in the arts. But like most creative people, there have often been times where I simply can’t find the inspiration to put paint to paper, or pick to strings. As someone who values work-life harmony and building bliss in all spheres of my life, it can be particularly difficult when my creative outlets feel less accessible.

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Follow Me Please! What to Look For When Hiring Social Media Help For Your Business.

The New York Times recently reported how many companies, brand ambassadors, celebrities, and even journalists purchased "fake" Twitter followers as a means to inflate their social media numbers. Many claimed to be pressured by social media firms, but the results were a PR black-eye that could possibly damage their public reputation.

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Staying true to yourself

No matter what industry or profession you’re in, there will come a time when simply doing the work won’t cut it. If you’re truly in search of professional growth, you have to put yourself in a position where others can see you and hear what you have to offer in the way you want them to. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to become visible to a large audience by way of the internet and connections we make therein, and it would be unfortunate to miss the opportunity for lack of branding expertise. But it’s easy to get swept up in social media to wear masks or to put on airs in an effort to get the attention of peers or thought leaders in your field. Unfortunately, pretending to be something you’re not will not only hurt your credibility in the long run, but you won’t attain from the result you desire. Instead you can end up being perceived as less authentic, which creates an environment where people won’t relate to you.

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“Give ‘Em the Pickle!”: How to Keep Your Business and Employees Focused on What's Important

A company's mission statement tells you why they do what they do. They are often short, punchy, with plenty of actions words that provide a sense of direction and help the company stand out in a crowded market.

But the best mission statements are also business philosophies that dictate their values and beliefs, and the best companies truly live by them.

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Setting Goals With Grace

Did you know fashion designer Vera Wang started her label at the age of 40? However you define success, getting there is never a guarantee, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. Any of us, whether parenting, going back to school, climbing a corporate ladder, or starting a business of their own, can speak of challenges and discouraging moments, but that is what makes the journey all the more interesting. What’s more, your success doesn’t necessarily happen right out school or at an early age, it can happen any time. Reaching your personal state of success is far less about what you’ve accomplished than it is about what you’ve learned along the way, and the skills and strategies you can share with others in your field.

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Learn From Failure: These 3 Strategies Show How to Use Failure to Create Future Success

Name a successful person and odds are he or she has a deep history of failure.

Henry Ford's first two car companies went under. James Dyson suffered through more than 5,000 failed prototypes before he created the first working Dyson vacuum. J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter book was rejected repeatedly by publishers. Michael Jordan likes to point out that he missed 9,000 shots during his NBA career and lost almost 300 games.

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