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Culture Police

I’ve worked for companies big and small. I’ve started businesses, sold businesses, and I’ve become an entrepreneur. And among the many incredibly important things I’ve learned through all of my experiences, there’s one common thread that stands out when I think about what works. There’s no doubt in my mind that culture — however prominent, however pronounced — is one of the most powerful tools business owners and self-employed people anywhere have at their disposal. The importance of culture and budgeting for it has been written about ad nauseum. But it’s not just about money or a pool table and snacks, , it’s about creating a culture that is real and people feel comfortable being themselves and maintaining a culture that can stand the test of time.

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3 Ways to Make Starting a Business Less Stressful

I’m a third-generation entrepreneur and have launched and sold multiple businesses. I’m also a CPA who regularly advises business owners on their finances and business operations. Over the years, I’ve seen how excessive stress affects entrepreneurs, myself included. Without a plan to manage and reduce stress, it’s all too easy to slip into a cycle of unhealthy living, poor decision making and unrealistic expectations for your business and life.

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