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Staying true to yourself

No matter what industry or profession you’re in, there will come a time when simply doing the work won’t cut it. If you’re truly in search of professional growth, you have to put yourself in a position where others can see you and hear what you have to offer in the way you want them to. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to become visible to a large audience by way of the internet and connections we make therein, and it would be unfortunate to miss the opportunity for lack of branding expertise. But it’s easy to get swept up in social media to wear masks or to put on airs in an effort to get the attention of peers or thought leaders in your field. Unfortunately, pretending to be something you’re not will not only hurt your credibility in the long run, but you won’t attain from the result you desire. Instead you can end up being perceived as less authentic, which creates an environment where people won’t relate to you.

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Let Your Imperfections Guide You

Learning to see and accept your imperfections is not always easy. I am someone who tries my hardest to do my best at everything I do. When it turns out that no matter how hard I try I’m mediocre at something, accepting that is not always easy. However, over the years and through my yoga practice, I’ve learned that oftentimes being open to your imperfections can guide you to success or at least a better path in life.

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