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Culture Police

I’ve worked for companies big and small. I’ve started businesses, sold businesses, and I’ve become an entrepreneur. And among the many incredibly important things I’ve learned through all of my experiences, there’s one common thread that stands out when I think about what works. There’s no doubt in my mind that culture — however prominent, however pronounced — is one of the most powerful tools business owners and self-employed people anywhere have at their disposal. The importance of culture and budgeting for it has been written about ad nauseum. But it’s not just about money or a pool table and snacks, , it’s about creating a culture that is real and people feel comfortable being themselves and maintaining a culture that can stand the test of time.

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Want to be a Better Manager? Start by Scrapping Generational Stereotypes and Get to Know Your Employees Instead.

It's almost impossible to have a discussion about management or workplace culture without talking about different generations, how they differ, and the things they prefer.

A lot of these discussions are focused around Millennials since they're the largest group in the U.S. workforce. They want to be recognized, and they want to be rewarded for exceeding personal performance levels, we are told. They refuse to settle, they're empathetic workers, and they demand flexibility in the workplace.

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How To Become the Kind of Boss Employees Will Love

For the most part, great leaders evolve. They aren't made in a single moment, and rarely, if ever, is a person born with the knowledge and skill to be a transformative leader. In fact, there's lots of evidence that we can be coached to great leadership. A study from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign showed that leadership skills could be significantly improved using a specific curricula, according to this piece from Psychology Today. Now that's just one study measuring a certain approach. But there are lots of ways you can improve your aptitude for leadership along the way -- especially if you want to.

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'No One Can Do It Like I Can' and Other Myths Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Believing

When you think about it, it’s kind of jaw-dropping how much perception shapes the world. As a CPA, I’m a number’s woman, but even I see that in business, as in life, a lot is open to interpretation.

Your thoughts shape how you see things and accordingly, they shape your actions. I’ve learned to become more aware of my thoughts and determine if they’re hurting or helping. If they’re hurting, I work on reframing the way I think.

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How to Create a Business People Love Working For

A loveable business is built on purpose. It's that simple and that complicated.

Employees and customers will love being a part of your business if it has a "why," a reason for existing that runs deeper than profits and sales goals. The "why" or purpose promotes happiness and when challenging times arise, it keeps things moving forward because your team has a shared sense of the bigger picture.

That's the foundation. Here are a few guidelines for building a business culture that employees love.

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