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Learn From Failure: These 3 Strategies Show How to Use Failure to Create Future Success

Name a successful person and odds are he or she has a deep history of failure.

Henry Ford's first two car companies went under. James Dyson suffered through more than 5,000 failed prototypes before he created the first working Dyson vacuum. J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter book was rejected repeatedly by publishers. Michael Jordan likes to point out that he missed 9,000 shots during his NBA career and lost almost 300 games.

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Everybody Has a Past

Whether your past is marked by privilege and abundance or poverty and struggle, every single one of us has a story to tell. It’s a safe bet that everyone you meet, no matter your first impressions, has gone through tough times. You’re not unique in that way, and it’s important to understand the turbulent nature of the human experience before you can really start to let go and move on.

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How To Let Go of Failure and Open Yourself Up to Success

Failure is inevitable in business. It's a lot of trial and error to get something right whether it be for your internal processes or systems with staff, which is the stuff your customers don't see, or whether it be with your product or service, what you provide to your end customer. In fact, you really can't be innovative without trying new things.

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