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Cherishing the Present Moment

A few years back I went to a colleague's brother's funeral to support him in his time of loss. I had never met his brother before, but after attending his funeral, his life did make an impact on me from that day forward. His friends and family all had prepared things to say without sharing it with each other in advance. One after the other each went up to speak and it was soon obvious they had a common theme. As each person spoke they mentioned in their speech that they had been his best friend. As one after the other said the same thing it started to become a joke - "I thought I was his best friend too" as each laughed and went on with their speech. So, why did each person think they were his best friend? It became apparent as more and more of them spoke that the reason for this was because he was completely present when he was with each of them. One said - "he never wore a watch, but somehow he was never late and he was always on time to everything". Another said - "when he was with you he was completely focused on you and didn't get distracted."

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