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The Power of Perseverance

Life is full of challenges. Whether it’s something small like a crossword clue that you just can’t figure out, or a larger issue like a particularly taxing project at work, we all have to deal with problems that frustrate us. When you encounter these difficulties, do you recoil and throw your hands in the air? If so, maybe developing a little more resilience could be a good thing.

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Believe in Your Vision

I remember I was on a trip to Florida with my family in high school driving down a street by the ocean viewing one amazing home after another. My mom said to me that it must be nice to have a home that beautiful. My response to her (that I am still not sure where it had come from, but I felt it from the bottom of my heart) was that I believe I will have it one day - and I could picture what it looked like. She asked why I thought that and I couldn't explain it, I just believed it.

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Creating Balance in Business & Life

Exercise has always been a way to balance my busy life – whether when I was a student in school, in a public accounting firm or running my businesses over the years. I love all forms of exercise, but I am most passionate about yoga as a way to release stress and be ready to take on each day. Pacing myself in my yoga practice, is much like pacing yourself in your job or business that you run.

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