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Confidence Training

Biofeedback is an emerging field of study that links psychological functions with physiological and neurological metrics. That might sound like a whole bunch of jargon, but it’s actually a pretty simple concept. When you’re stressed, for example, your heart rate and the brain waves you emit are a lot different than when you’re relaxed. What biofeedback does is allow you to recognize, with more than just a feeling, the state of your mind and body and how they relate to your performance. In the coming years, you can expect biofeedback to go from niche concern to widespread trend.

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Everybody Has a Past

Whether your past is marked by privilege and abundance or poverty and struggle, every single one of us has a story to tell. It’s a safe bet that everyone you meet, no matter your first impressions, has gone through tough times. You’re not unique in that way, and it’s important to understand the turbulent nature of the human experience before you can really start to let go and move on.

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Creating a Support System

Almost 10 years ago, when my son started playing guitar, I decided I was going to get back to my love for music - and rock & roll for that matter - by starting to learn guitar with him. Then my younger son began to learn vocals and drums. Soon my husband wanted to be a part of it too, and he began learning the keyboard and drums. Now…we are the Vettinaterz!

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