MICPA's Peggy Dzierzawski - President and CEO, Michigan Association of CPAs & David Echelbarger - MICPA Chair Elect of the MICPAs and President of EHTC CPAs & Business Consultants

They gave their testimonials about my new topic The Connected Leader: Creating an Engaged Company Culture One Employee at a Time

Tahneshia Bell, Program Manager Services Enablement, Ultimate Software

"I totally noticed the group being engaged and intently listening to every word you said. Some even feverishly took notes and pictures of certain slides.”

Verna Grayce Chao

Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA

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Mark Wickersham, VP

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Susan Stutzel, CPA

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Katie Thomas CPA.jpg

Katie Thomas, CPA

“Hi Amy! I wanted to tell you thank you. I first heard you on a podcast at a time that I felt like I’d lost my passion and sense of purpose in life. I had gotten out of touch with myself and had let work completely consume me.

You talking about your passions and sharing your purpose really inspired me to find my purpose again.

Thank you for all you do, promote, and light you shine on us!”


Lauren Fitch, COO, Faulk & Winkler LLC

“Our firm hired Amy to speak at our annual staff retreat this year. Her team made the planning process seamless. Her presentation brought a unique perspective that sparked engaging conversations and fresh ideas which we are working to implement in our firm. Her unique experience with accounting and technology provides such valuable input for firms looking to grow and expand in the next generation. I believe her content and perspective would be valuable to any business looking to inspire their employees and implement positive change.”


Tisha Boone, Associate Experience Manager, Microsoft

“Thank you so much for speaking today! I can’t wait to read the book. Your life story was very moving! As a Type A personality who also had a rough childhood and enjoys creativity this was a great perspective to hear and see lived out! We didn’t have much money growing up either. My dad was an alcoholic who beat my mom and she worked three jobs to take care of my sister and I. I’ve always focused on safe position in management to keep financial stability for my family because I never want to relive those times. My mom, sister, and I loved painting and drawing and creating things together. Your presentation was a great perspective for me to see and hear. Thank you for helping others like me!


Donna S. Sterwerd, CFP®, Constellation Wealth Advisors | Powered by Quadrant Capital Group, LLC

“Thank you for speaking at the WELD event. I attend a lot of women’s events and have heard a ton of speakers over the years. You were by far one of the best!”


Anne Janotta Erickson, Senior Business & Industry Marketing Coordinator, Minnesota Society of CPAs

“Thank you for leading our Candid Conversations event! Attendees raved about your message, both at the post-event happy hour and in session evaluations. You’re a rockstar!”


Lynda Anello, VITAS Admission Liaison ~ Cin-Day Seniors Board ~ Facilitator: Virtual Dementia Tour, First Steps® Advance Care Planning

"Amy's presentation style is a great blend of personal and professional. I hired Amy to speak at our Cin-Day Seniors event. Several attendees approached me afterwards to let me know that they really appreciated the presentation and message.

Amy, Your presentation on Business, Balance & Bliss had a positive impact on the audience! Thanks so much for making the time in your schedule to help us focus on self-care."


Karen McManus HR Senior Manager, Training and Development Cherry Bekaert LLP

“Amy was very engaging and made great points of how we need to engage our people and also engage our clients. She had some great ideas that we could implement in the firm to provide value to our clients.”

Marcia M. Davies-14.png

Marcia M. Davies, Chief Operating Officer & Founder of mPower, Mortgage Bankers Association 

"Amy’s presentation perfectly blended career advice with professional inspiration, and her insights were applicable for every job, at every career level. This valuable investment allowed us to bring women in real estate finance helpful developmental tools, tips and strategies to integrate more balance into their busy lives. She is clearly an expert in her field, and presents in a relatable way to encourage her audience to make small but intentional changes for better outcomes."


Bill Sheridan, Maryland CPA Society (MACPA), Business Learning Institute, Chief Communications Officer

"Amy Vetter is a dynamic speaker who combines a commanding stage presence with some of the most forward-thinking thought leadership in the accounting profession today. As one of Accounting Today's "Most Influential People in the Profession," she speaks with authority on such far-ranging topics as managing millennials, diversity and inclusion, and the impact that technological advancements are having on the profession. She has the ability to captivate and educate an audience. I’ll be the first into the room when I see her name on the agenda. "

James Maiocco, Xero, General Manager

"At events around the globe, Amy is a major draw in the accounting sector, speaking with conviction on industry issues and women in leadership. She has the presence to capture the attention of a 1,000+ person audience, and the persona to engage a small Board / Advisory group with genuine interest and authenticity"


Jeff Phillips, Accountingfly, CEO

"Amy is one of the very best speakers and thought leaders in our profession. She has a clear vision of how technology is changing the way we work, and she articulates her vision as a gifted storyteller who inspires and prepares us to take action."


Ian Vacin, Karbon, VP Product Marketing

"I would strongly recommend Amy as a speaker. She knows her material, she has great stage presence, and she knows how to engage the audience. She comes across real, authentic, intelligent and inspiring. Proof can be seen by the people that wait for her post-event to chat more about the topic that is covered."

Amy Vetter Testimonial Brian Summers.png

Brian Summers, CAE

Vice President of Operations at Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA)

“Amy was a great addition to the CFMA Conference as attendees valued her real life practical examples that they can use and implement right away. The session also received a 98% approval rating when asked if they would recommend the session.” 


Iralma Pozo


Greg Bedard, MPA, CPA, CGMA

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Erin Linehan on LinkedIn

"Today I had the opportunity to share with my team where I turn to for my Business Balance Bliss: Painting. Amy Vetter introduced me to the B3 method at a Southeastern Women In Financial Services luncheon last year, focused on the importance of creative hobbies as an outlet for "me-time" that also advances the executive function - which led to my pursuit of a creative outlet, and I found painting, which I have fallen in love with. Today during our Global Functions Onsite we discussed the importance of finding your balance and exposing yourself to creative outlets to drive creative thinking and problem solving at work, decrease fear of failure enabling you to take more chances, and develop leadership skills.“


BBBooks Inc.

“Our staff member, Bekah, did the #30DayChallenge and took it even farther! She went for #100Days of walking. She was inspired by Cindy who was inspired by Amy Vetter".”


Faulk & Winkler

“Thanks to Amy Vetter and our leadership team for a great staff retreat! We are ready to take our fresh perspective into action and provide even better service to our clients!”


Carley Kline, Marketing & International Business Student

“Thank you Amy Vetter for giving an empowering speech about business and balance. It’s so important to take a step back from everything going on in our lives and live by the 3M’s: meditation, mantras, and mindfulness.”

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Ali Cantor , Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

"Amy spoke to our Ohio Valley Women's Council which includes all the female Financial Advisors in the Cincinnati/Dayton Area. Amy is an outstanding speaker who provides great insight into a topic that many of us know we should pay more attention to, yet we don't. As females many of us get very involved in our everyday work lives and sometimes forget that our bliss and our balance is still important. Amy was the reminder many of us needed. She helped incite great dialogue among our members as well as action. I would highly recommend any company have Amy come speak to their employees. I guarantee it will help make happier and more productive employees."


Rachael Hodgen, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Director of Events

"Amy and her talk of Mindfulness and Work-Life Harmony was a highlight at our conference. She gave our overly stressed bankruptcy attorneys precious time to reflect on their lives and learn the tools and insights needed on how to live a happier, more purposeful and productive life.”


Jouett Brenze, Kao NOW (Network of Women)

"I can’t thank you enough for helping the make the Kao NOW event a success! The presentation was excellent – informative, inspiring, and entertaining too. I hope everyone got as much out of it as I did. I’ve already received positive feedback from several who attended, so I’m guessing they did. Thanks again for your time and energy!"

Peter Margaritis' Video Testimonial


Scott Zarret, CPA Academy, President

"Amy Vetter is a gifted and truly motivational speaker. She is knowledgeable, entertaining, and knows how to keep the audience's attention by creating a space for self-reflection. Amy is a master at using storytelling to share her relevant personal experiences that I and our members find extraordinarily valuable and often life-changing."


Rebecca Hixen, The Ohio Society of CPAs, CAE, Senior Manager, Student & Young Professional Engagement

"Amy's presentation at OSCPA's Women's Initiatives luncheon was absolutely outstanding! The audience was extremely engaged and shared so many positive comments afterwards about her presenation style and the information that she shared. She provided everyone with manageable action items that you can implement at work and at home."


Misty Megia, TSheets, Head of Accounting Programs and Education Strategy

"Amy is Amazing! My previous company had the pleasure of hiring Amy as both a keynote and a breakout speaker. She is one of those rare finds in speakers with a phenomenal combination of intelligence, storytelling, and relatability. As someone that trains speakers for a living and directs professional theater I tend to be very picky on presenters and I can honestly say that every time I have attended her sessions she brings an energy that just comes naturally. Her presentations always have a through line seamlessly transitioning from topic to topic and tying it all together from beginning to end.

I recently saw her speak in San Francisco and her stories and presentation moved so many people that for the next few hours of networking people were sharing their own experiences and stories. It created bonding moments with people that I have known for years. It was priceless. I could not recommend her more, honestly if you are looking for a speaker that will care about what the audience gets out of it Amy is an outstanding one to hire."


Russell Flagg, Flagg Management Inc., CPA & Accounting Conferences

"Amy Vetter is a dynamic speaker, totally engaged with her audience covering the latest technology practices for the CPA profession.

She has great presentation skills and a wonderful open personality, and easily leads her audiences in discussions about digital opportunities, best practices of the CPA profession, and business skills for today's millennial market.

It's a pleasure working with her."

Salim Omar, CPA Marketing Genius, CPA - President, CPA Marketing Genius LLC

"WOW, what an incredibly engaging and inspiring keynote that Amy presented recently at my annual CPA SuperConference. She was one of the most highly rated speakers by my attendees. I was not surprised since so many of the attendees personally came to thank me for having her over. Thank you, Amy!"